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    Built in iSight Camera "stuck"??
    Seems my built in iSight camera gets stuck (the green LED satys lit, and the camera does not work when it is)when I turn on my macBook. Bought it in February so I can take into an apple store if need be, but is this a common problem?

    Searched and found a couple of others had this problem, but there was no real followup on what happened with them.

    I've done the reset where you shut down, remove the battery and hold the power button down. Went away the next time I restarted, but came back again. Seems sort of random, but it does happen.

    Any other ideas/solutions? Should I just take it in? I hate to do that as there are no Apple stores close by, but if I have to I will.

    Crap how on earth did I miss the first post!!! Sorry!!

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    Perhaps this thread can help you. Kinda seems like something you've done already though, but just in case.

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    That's one of the threads I read. And I followed the other link too.

    It'd not like I use it a lot, but it should work just the same.

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