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    Exclamation G4 Powerbook Start-Up Issues
    Hey everyone, I'm traditionally a WinXP user but have as of lately been using a Powerbook G4 as my primary laptop. As with any new computer/os, there's a learning curve and you usually screw something up along the way, which is what I seem to very well have accomplished. Below are the specs of the Powerbook and the issue I'm having (as well as how it came about and what I've tried)

    PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67Ghz, 1GB ram, 80GB harddrive, superdrive, BT, backlit keyboard, apx) running OSX 10.4
    Serial #: W85063PZRG4

    When I boot, it passes the grey screen with the Apple logo, gets to the blue screen, stays there for a while, then the mouse shows up in the top left corner. I can move it for a while, but then it freezes and that's it. I can't get it to boot in safe mode or any other mode so far.

    What happened:
    Much like this person (, my sister was watching a dvd in the powerbook and after the movie finished, having the best intentions as always, she shut it down. Unfortunately, she left the dvd in the drive and I didn't realize it before she had already shut it down. When I tried turning it on this morning, it wouldn't boot at all until I realized there was still a disk inside. When I got it out, it started doing what its still doing.

    What I've tried:
    Tried booting into safe mode, booting holding option, resetting pram and SMU, and removing ram but none seem to have helped, it's still doing the same thing.

    Big problem I have is my lack of discs; I got the computer from a friend at work and so I haven't any discs (but might be able to get some if pointed in the right direction and told which discs I need to get).

    If anybody has any ideas or things which they think I should try, I'm willing to try nearly anything. Also, if anybody has time, I would very very much appreciate if someone could explain to me in detail how to do the resetting stuff and such because it's very possible that I did some of the stuff incorrectly.

    Thanks a lot for reading this and I really hope someone can help me get it up and running again.


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    Additionally, I've booted the machine into Single-User mode and run fsck which told me that the harddrive appears to be ok

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    Nevermind all, decided to just wipe the harddrive and install Leopard,thanks though

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    Hahaha I saw your post last night and I was going to offer that bit of advice :x.
    Yes my name is Jaguar.
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