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    Apr 05, 2008
    Macbook not booting from Corsair Ram.
    Well my topic speaks for itself really. Today I received my Corsair Value Select 2GB kit PC2-5300, and my Macbook seems to not boot up. All I get is a black screen and some noise from the notebook. Maybe it's a defective memory module, who knows, but this Monday I'm exchanging it to see if it helps. Some people are stating it might be faulty ram sticks, so maybe they are right. After knowing that my new ram sticks do not work, I then inserted back the factory ram. Now it works as it did in the first place, but still stuck with 1 GB . Anyways, just hope someone on here can give me some advice or help with the situation I am currently in.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Most likely faulty and I would steer away from anything that has "Value select" in the name, just for next time. ^-^"

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    Yup, sounds faulty to me. You could try one stick at a time to see which one's not working, unless it's both.

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