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    Questions about apple logic board repairs for power book.
    Hello everyone!

    I have been doing some heavy research on apple logic board repair centers. So far I can only find one that accepts mail in repairs or drop offs in my area. Funny thing is it is the only one that I can find that actually will repair the board I own, like the old school tv repair guy I guess. Everyone wants to replace the board and charge me like 600 just for the board not including labor. Sorry to be long winded but has anyone in here dealt with this company before and what was the result of your logic board repair.

    They quoted me $250 to r&r the board, then they test it for three days. Then they ship the whole computer back insured. Seems very reasonable and they also said it comes with a warranty on the repair. I appreciate the help!

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    You're right about the cost of replacing and\or repairing a Logic Board. Since it's the "brain" of your machine the cost is high. You didn't mention which model Powerbook you have but prices seem to vary anywhere from around $500 to $800.

    I've never done business with the repair service you're asking about but from reading their web site info, they appear to be a legitimate service organization. The price is certainly way below what other repair services would charge.

    Why not give the Better Business Bureau in their area a call and ask if there are any issues with them? It might pay to do a little more research before you send the machine to be repaired.


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    Thanks, will do. I may just drive there. it will make the repair go faster. I will report more on what I find out!

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    Well I drove down there today and dropped her off. Seems to be in good hands. I will report back after I pick her up! I can't believe I am getting this repair done for $250 with parts and labor. They explained it is so inexpensive because the logic board components are much less expensive to replace than the complete apple mother board. Makes sense. I saw they had some other apple computers come in from UPS while I was there.

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