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    upgrade os on a G3
    hi all,

    i have a g3powerbook pismo running os9 currently with 192mb of RAM. i am thinking of upgrading to 1gb of RAM in order to install OSX... is this possible or am i dreaming?

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    although the memory limit is officially 512 meg, that is probably because there were no 512 meg modules on the market at the time

    Tiger would be a good OS to run on that, but I would use tinker tool to turn all the fancy graphics off

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    You could comfortably run 10.3 with 512 of ram - fyi it is allowable to take a stick on top and bottom of 512 i.e. its max is 1gb. Save some money and buy a stick of 512 and use the difference to upgrade your hard drive. That combo will make it much faster.

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