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    Macbook Aircard Temperature
    Macbook Penryn 2.4 GHz. iStat Pro says 157 F/68 C. Constantly. On the other hand the bottom does not feel that hot at all. Top cover is slightly warm, most of the time I will not even notice. After I disconnect the power adapter and instntly connect it back again, the temp goes down to 130 F/54 C in about 10 sec and gradually in matter of days it will go back up to 155 F and stay there. So I wonder if a) something is wrong with the power inside the MB or b) the sensor is totally messing it up and iStat Pro is reading the wrong info. I don't believe the problem is with the Airport Card. I already replaced 2 MBs on my third one. Still the same thing...AppleCare has no idea why this is happening. I replaced the macboook once. I am not going crazy about that, but I have another MB that I purchased November last year. It is 2.2 GHz and everything elese is exactly the same (i.e. software installed, processes, memory, hdd..). In exactly the same conditions the temp stays at 119F/48C. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    My Airport card runs constantly at 68 degrees C. Other folks have posted here with the same question, with the same temperature. The Airport card in the Penryn 2.4 Ghz machine apparently runs warm. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Whether or not it's "really" running at 68 degrees, I couldn't say. Like you, the only reading of its temperature I can get is from iStatPro.


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    Thanks for the answer. Just wanted to make sure it is not something out of ordinary. I moved my "old" Santa Rosa 2.2 GHz MB to draft-N and it seems that it runs at much lower temp than Penryn. I have not seen thou the CPU temp to be affected...That's why I am a little bit surprised...My understanding is that there is no Airport Card temp censor and the calculations are hypothetical and NOT precise...

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