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Thread: Macbook makes weird noises

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    Macbook makes weird noises

    SO I'm not sure if anyone else's macbook makes noises but I'm new to mac and was hoping someone could help explain the noises. SO on a regular basis I hear a clapping noise. It only happens once at a time. It's not junk mail coming in - could it be 'apple hot news?'. But then I've been in Mail and it's made the clapping noise with nothing coming in.

    Then the other noise is a hooting sound. IT's only happened twice. BUt bizaar as it sounds, my computer has hooted at me. It hoots like 5 times then stops. I've reset safari, cleared my cache - not sure what it is and the noises are random to me.

    Please if anyone can fill me in on what my computer is doing, it would be great.



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