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    LED Screen Questions
    I just bought a MBP from BestBuy, 2.4ghz model. I am a first time Mac user, switching from a Toshiba notebook with Vista. (my job is in IT dept of a company on Windows). I want to verify my screen is backlit by LED, not CCFL. How can I tell? It is the 15" model, S/N W88305CEYJX.

    My Toshiba is a few years old now, and is CCFL backlit. The screen used to be much brighter--I assume LED never loses brightness over time as a fluorescent light will?


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    You can check your model number\SN on the Apple site to verify that it has an LED backlight. I believe it does.

    As far as LED versus CCFL goes, both will degrade in brightness over time. The difference, however, with a LED backlight is that it uses much less power and has a significantly longer life than CCFL. By the time your LED backlight is noticeably dimmer, you'll be long overdue for a new machine.


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    You definitely have an LED backlight...

    You don't have to worry about checking

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    Yes its an LED don't worry. Crank up the brightness and that should clearly tell you that as well.
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    The easier way for me to tell is by adjusting the brightness and carefully watching it. The LED lit displays have a much notchier increment (if that makes any sense) whereas the cathode based units are smoother when being turned up and down.

    Based on your post, I can almost guarantee you have an LED based display.
    Roger Michaels
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