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    Question ibook g3 logic board power problem
    I have a ibook g3 600Mhz and a logic board problem.

    i have figure out that my logic board has a defective power chip but i can't figure out where the chip would be?

    if someone could tell me where it is that would be great

    thanks, matthew

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    How did you determine that the logic board is at fault? What are the symptoms (since you haven't told us anything else)?

    If it really is a logic board that is defective, you will not be able to just replace one component on the board. The entire board has to be replaced.

    Go to and look up your model G3 iBook. You can get some idea of what it would cost and what's involved to replace the board if you did it yourself.


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    Does the hard drive spin on your ibook? Usually that is a red flag for a faulty logic board.
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    no nothing spins or lights up, but the battery does charge. that how i know it's one of the PMU power chips that's bad.

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