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    MBP Shutdown after Sleep mode
    I was having a slew of issues with my MBP so I backed it up and did a clean erase and install.

    It cleared up speed and webstreaming video issues, but I'm still having a couple hardware issues that I was hoping someone could help me solve:

    a) If I put the computer to sleep by closing the lid it will come back on for several seconds when I reopen it but then shut down (a faint click can be heard).
    b) I have to hold down the power button for about 6-7 seconds to get the computer to turn back on. Or else it will fire up and then shut down right away (with the same faint click).

    2) The Volume Up button on the keyboard does not work (though volume down does and I can increase the volume using the on screen volume control).

    3) The screen automatically adjusts to zero brightness upon reaching the sign in screen. The keyboard buttons for brightness do work though.

    4) Fan runs constantly.

    5) Battery life is very short (90 minutes).

    The computer runs very well after I get it fired up, but these start up issues are tedious and annoying. Anyone know what I can do about them? My warranty expired so I was hoping to avoid bringing it to the genius bar (probably getting a new one in December anyways). Thanks!

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    It may be the logic board which is acting up. Everything you mentioned (mostly intermittent) are signs of logic board problems. Replacing a logic board is an expensive repair.

    I'm not sure how easy or difficult replacing it would be on a MBP. You can get some idea of cost and involvement by going to and look up your particular model of MBP.

    You need a second opinion before deciding what to do. Take it in to the genius bar and let them look at it. You'll have to pay for any diagnosis but you can decline repair if it turns out to be expensive.


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