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    Manual Eject Issues
    I have just tried out my New macbookpro17"hd, I inserted a dvd into the drive, the disc did not mount, tried the eject button, tried reboot holding mouse left button, tried reboot holding f12, tried comand option OandF in firmware, tried disk utility, but the dics is not mounted so no eject from there, also tried the eject function in itunes as that worked on my previous macbookpro. No dvd icon displayed on desktop either. If I hold down F12 when reboot, it makes all the noises, but nothing happens. One thread even suggested disconnecting battery, reboot, holding eject and just as disc sounds like re mounting to pull out powercord and shake my mac, sounded bizarre, but that did nothing. Getting to an apple store is a no go as I am on location editing in Orissa India. If you have anything that can assist, great! Thanks in advance to any whom over help/advice. db

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    Does the disc have something crucial on it? Cause the VERY last thing you can do is good ole needle nose pliers....but I can't think of a way to "manually" eject it other than what you've already done. That's the one thing I dislike about slot load drives.

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