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    Aug 10, 2008
    Unhappy Best notebook for casual use and a bit of webdesign
    First off I would like to apologise for yet another one of these threads, however there are a few questions I wanted to ask and can't seem to find any decent answers on the net, so thought I would post on here.

    Like many people I'm unsure which notebook to get. It's basically a choice between the lowest MBP and the high-end white MB. I've currently got a 2.16GHz Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) MBP. The main reason I'm replacing is because I thought it was about time to get rid of the old laptop, as I've had it a while.

    Normally while on the laptop I will be doing the following things.

    #Listening to iTunes
    #Browsing the net
    #Talking on Adium
    #Mail open in the background

    I also design websites it Dreamweaver CS3, mostly working in code view, and do a small amount of image creating in Photoshop CS3, but nothing major, normally just interface parts for websites. Don't listen to iTunes while web designing.

    I don't really play any games, maybe the odd flash game now and again , but that's all. I was going to go for the MB and not the MBP mainly due to price, however after reading lots on the net I had a few doubts whether it would be good enough, so have the following questions .

    1. I like to listen to music quite a bit, however read that the speakers on the MB aren't very good. When I had my Windows Laptop the speakers were very tinney. Is it true that the MB speakers are crap, or are the speakers on the MB as good as the MBP (The ones on my current MBP are fine)?

    2. I watch movies now and again on my laptop, is the MB okay with HD movies 720p ? (Normally I'm only watching DVDs, however watch HD movies now and again)

    3. Battery life any good. I know it tells you on the apple site, however I didn't know if these were accurate. I currently get about an hour and half of battery life if browsing the net and listening to iTunes, is the MB better?

    Is it worth the extra money for the MBP, or is the only difference the Graphics Card?
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    Hi Nixeon, welcome to the forums!

    Firstly, I'm running a 2.16GHz MB with 2Gb RAM (upgraded from 1Gb) and it runs fine. I also use photoshop, and more often than not listen to music at the same time. In fact i've ocassionally been watching a film at the same time (let's just say im not very productive at those times :p ), and everything runs fine. There is no extra lag or hangtime, so you have nothing to worry about in that section with the MB.

    1) Yes, unfortunately the speakers are pretty poor, but not unbearable. I listen to a lot of music and they seem to do fine.

    2) Wouldnt be able to say I'm afraid, dont know much about that.

    3) If im just surfing the net and listening to itunes i can easily get 3 hours out of my MB... definitely one of the most positive aspects!!

    Having not had much experience with a MBP id have to say that yes, the only main advantage is the graphics card and the extra screen retail.

    Hope this helps your decision

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    1. the macbook speakers (IMO) are very much so "crap" they are in a very silly spot, and are not very loud at all.

    i have no idea about HD specs on it.

    3. but the battery life, just listening to itunes, and browsing the net, with the screen dimmed, when i bought it, i could get around 6 hours. now i'm down to 3-4. (a year and a half later.)

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    Jun 21, 2008
    white macbook, core 2 duo 2.1 ghz, 1 gig ram, 120 gig hdd, a machine of wonder!
    i agree with these two, speakers... stupid... as for battery life, is absoultely amazing!! apple make really good batteries.. there is no other make of laptops which can match it (well not any i've had) so if you've used a windows laptop, ur in for a big surprise... all a mbp will do is shorten your battery life dramatically....
    i love mac's loads.. but what i like even more is all the nice and helpful people who use them

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    Aug 10, 2008
    Cheers guys! I'm going to get the high end white MB, If the speakers are that bad I might just buy some desktop speakers, as I'm normally working at a desk anyway.

    Will wait til later on this year though, what with all the rumours of updates to the notebook range. Thanks Again.
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    Jul 26, 2008
    Personally, I would get the macbook ('cause I've always wanted one for some reason) becuase I like the smaller screen and I like the long lasting battery. I think, with a RAM upgrade its specs are great. Oh and the speakers do suck, but I use external or cans.

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    Well I am probably the only person here then that doesn't think getting rid of a Core Duo MacBook Pro for a Core 2 Duo MacBook is not really a step up. The difference between a Core Duo and a Core 2 Duo is so small, that only specific benchmarks can spot the difference. That, in addition to giving up screen space and losing a descrete GPU, means you may actually find the MacBook worse than the MBP.

    The MBP is better for watching movies (a CD can handle HD movies just fine) for Web Design (because of the screen space) and listening to music because the speakers are better.

    I have no idea why you'd want to change. Upgrade the RAM and get a new battery.
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    Amen, Zoolook. There is no need to buy a $2000 computer and still need to upgrade when you can just upgrade an already fantastic computer for <$500 probably.

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    Aug 10, 2008
    I was told that there was a big difference between core duo and core 2 duo, perhaps there isn't. One of the factors of getting a new MB was because of hard drive space. I currently only have 80GB which I fill up quite quickly, I was told you can't upgrade the hard-drive, is this true?

    Update: I've also just read my manual and it says the maximum RAM I can put in is 2GB which is what I have.
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