My first posting here. Mac user since '95, with 6 Macs in the house, none newer than a mid '04 iBook. All still serving me well, given my use.

So here's the issue: my neighbor has opted to go Mac, and is getting an iMac and Macbook. I don't know enough about the newer specs and what is coming out with the refreshed lines. Their use will be general internet surfing, word processing, iTunes, etc. I recommended a SuperDrive, but is it necessary to get dual layer (is that going to be standard?) or is Blue-ray around the corner and should they wait?

Other than Blue-ray, are there other technologies pending (wifi/TV connectivity, anything) that will hasten the obsolescence of the clearance models/current models. I don't see them using Apple TV or the like.

Finally: the Apple Store people recommended MacMall to them for discounted hardware. I haven't used Macmall in years. Any feedback on them?