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    I replaced the Inverter Board on a MacBook
    Well... my wife's MacBook started flickering and AppleCare had run out (mid-2006 model) so I bought a new Inverter and decided to replace it myself. Apple would charge $149 for this, the inverter cost $49.

    The inverter is in just about the most difficult part to get to, and to replace this properly you have to remove most of the guts of the machine to remove the screen entirely. It resides in the 'clutch' between the body and screen.

    The whole thing took me just under 3 hours, including reassembly. The most difficult thing to do was remove the display bezel (and then get it back on) and also to put all the display wires (iSight Cam wire, mic wire etc) back in their tiny canals.

    Anyway, I finally did it, saved $100 (plus taxes) and all seems well so far.

    Sorry the image is blurred, I was trying not to use the flash. The inverter is the yellow strip in the middle of the MacBook. Comparing the new with old inverter, I could see that some of the coil wires were folded over, possibly causing the issue.
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    That is a pretty big undertaking, glad it worked well. I like all of the screws on the right of the picture, hopefully you didnt lose one.

    Im thinking about replacing the hard drive in my macbook pro, it doesnt require this much work but it still is a bit.

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