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Thread: Lcd Going Crazy

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    Lcd Going Crazy
    I'm working on a powerbook G4 15" and the problem I'm having is the screen when I move it at all it flickers and sometimes the bottom third of the screen actually goes completely grey and then I wiggle it around or tap it real lightly and it is ok again. I'm guessing it is some kind of loose connection or something, if anybody has any ideas please reply. Thank you in advance.

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    Could be just about anything having to do with connecting the LCD. The data display cable connector is suspect, but it could be many other things.

    If you're a handy person, go to and take a look at their step by step instructions on how to change the display. That will give you some idea of what's involved in digging into the machine and possibly repairing it.


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    Thanks, I'll give anything a try at this point.

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