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Thread: Trying to upgrade to Tiger, wont let me

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    May 08, 2008
    Trying to upgrade to Tiger, wont let me

    Okay, so have an older powerbook g4, and i took into the Apple store and teh lady there told me it is capable of software up to leopard, but as im putting in my tiger install disk, it says a bunch of weird stuff in different languages,

    what is going on?

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    When you booted from your original Tiger disk, didn't it offer you a choice of which language you wanted to use?


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    You put in your Tiger DVD, hold down C and it starts to load then gets a screen with a bunch of languages? Sounds like a Kernel Panic.

    What Tiger DVD is this? Is it a factory full install or one that came with another machine? The DVD's that come with Macs are Model specific and can not be used on a different model.

    If this is the Tiger disc from your Macbook Pro, it will not work. Also your Powerbook is a Power PC CPU while the newer macs use an Intel CPU. No Intel disc will load on a Power PC Machine.

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    Yes different languages, well my friend had it put he bought it after he purchased his macbook.

    so it would still work right?

    it had german and japanese and stuff, and it says install tiger and add apps. and then it would not eject the disk, i had to restarted and hold down the track pad for it to come out.

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