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    Question Uninstall Windows from Macbook
    Hi all,

    I want to remove windows from Mac book. I Installed it through Boot Camp and Parallels. Now when I try to Uninstall Windows, I inserted the Boot camp CD and selected Uninstall, the process completed successfully but still I was able to log in to windows. Is there a way that i can completely remove windows from my Mac book.

    If Format my Mac book by Mac OS CD, will it completely wipe out all the data and Can I start again from Scratch.

    Please Reply.......


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    You don't uninstall Windows by using the Windows CD. Although that will remove Windows, it will not remove the partition or the Windows boot sector.

    Boot the machine to OS X.

    Run Parallels and remove or delete the Windows VM. (The VM will be removed but will still be retained in a Parallels folder in your Documents folder. You can delete it manually later.) Next, run the Boot Camp assistant, select create partition, restore.

    That should get you back to having the entire hard drive dedicated to OS X.

    There is NO NEED to reformat or reinstall OS X if you follow the proper procedures for removing Windows - which you haven't done YET.


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    This was I get, when I open Boot Camp Assistant. The Boot Camp Beta has expired.

    That was the reason, I was asking if I format my Mac Book, I will get the Initial settings.


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