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    Problems with wireless mighty mouse
    The first problem with my mouse is on the Windows side of my MBP -- I installed all the necessary drivers, including bluetooth, on the Windows part of my MBP, but I still have a strange problem. When setting up my wireless mighty mouse it asks to set up a "passkey". I choose the option of not using a passkey, then continue the setup. When trying to connect to the mouse, it asks for the passkey, and won't let me through unless I enter it. WTF? I chose to not use a passkey... what gives?

    Now, when I switch over to the Mac partition, the mouse still doesn't work. I try to connect like I always do except now I get a message saying "your mouse does not have the necessary services."

    This is terribly frustrating, please help!

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    I'm assuming you installed the latest bluetooth drivers from your Leopard disk? Did you check the Apple site to see if there might be an update?

    As for the passkey problem, have you tried just pressing enter when it asks?

    You might try going over your bluetooth settings from System Preferences -> Bluetooth and make sure everything is setup correctly for the wireless Mighty Mouse. Try removing the Mighty Mouse from bluetooth devices and re-install.


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    When your setting it up select "use no passkey" then when you click into properties or whatever it is to connect, when it prompts for a passkey type in 0000 and it will connect.

    -Zach, A.C.T.

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