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Thread: Internet won't work on Windows.. help?

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    Internet won't work on Windows.. help?
    I've installed Windows on my MBP using Boot Camp and for some reason the internet won't work. Everything else runs fine (except the Bluetooth won't connect to my wireless mouse, but that's another story).

    I go to wireless internet settings then enter in my network name and it says I have 2 options, either set it up using a flash drive (what? since when do I need a flash drive to set up my internet connection!?) or do it manually which involves a plethora of very confusing steps. Why can't I just enter my network and have done with it like I can on the Mac side of my computer? It used to be so easy.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, this is a very frustrating problem to have.

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    I am not sure how the built in aiport and bluetooth work when running windows. If memory serves me right (i had the same problem a couple years back) you need to download the drivers

    sorry i cant be of any further help

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    I had the same problem... its boot camp!

    Works perfect with wireless... you do have to pay for it, but there is a Free 30 day trial
    Can you love Windows and Mac

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    It is not bootcamp... Wireless works perfectly in bootcamp.

    Here is how you should do it: *these directions may be a little off, I'm not using windows right now.

    1) open your start menu
    2) hover over connect to...
    3) select show all connections
    4) right click wireless network connection and select view available wireless networks
    5) a window should appear that states that it is searching for networks
    6) you network should appear, click on it and click connect
    7) if you network has a password, it will ask you to enter it...

    That should work. If it does not, then you have a different problem.

    And, do you have the bootcamp drivers installed? If you don't then that is definitely your problem...

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