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Thread: Can I call Apple for help?

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    Can I call Apple for help?
    I've received no responses to my quandary; can I call Apple for help?

    Previously Posted:

    “Network and Time Capsule disappears while setting-up Time Machine

    I have a brand new iMac, MacBook and Time Capsule.

    After setting up my network, I am able to configure Time Machine on the iMac BUT, as soon as I try to do the same on the MacBook, I loose the network, the TC flashes amber and the Airport Utility does not see a devise. The only fix (3 times in 2 days) is to reset the TC by unplugging then plugging back in while holding the reset button.

    I suspect the problem is with the MacBook but can’t find a way to fix.

    I've now lost my entire 4000 song iTune's Library - there a minute ago, now gone?! Luckily, I still have a duplicate on my old 667mhz. PowerBook.

    How about this? Save all of my new MacBook's settings, files, etc. via migration assistant transferred to the new iMac. Then, and please tell me how to do this; I restore the new MacBook to its original factory settings. Lastly, I set-up the MacBook as if it were new and, when prompted, reinstall the settings previously transferred to the iMac.

    Seems like a lot of work but I’m at a lost. Please tell me what you think!”

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    That is messed up! As long as you purchased your TC or Macbook less than 90 days ago you can get free phone assistance from Apple. The numbers are on their website.

    iMessage me:

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    I wouldn't think twice about calling Apple to see what they have to say... Your iMac, Macbook and Time Capsule are all new and you have telephone warranty for 3 months unless you buy Apple Care for them, then it would be 3 years.

    Since your post didn't get any responses, try calling Apple. They should be able to help you.


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