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    Aug 08, 2008
    powerbook better than macmini?
    i have just bought a powerbook g4 with 2 gb of ram and 1.5 ghz processor speeds and 100g hard drive and it is running leopard.
    i have noticed that it is noticeably faster than my mac mini core solo 1.5 ghz with 512 mb of ram
    so my question is is a powerbook g4 better than a macmini?

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    2gb RAM much better than 1/2 gb RAM

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    MacBook 2.0GHZ 2gig RAM - 80GIG HDD - Bluetooh - Airport -MAC OSX 10.5
    intel vrs the g4

    Winner intel

    For many reasons.... run windows aswell as mac...
    Can you love Windows and Mac

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