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Thread: If you thought the 12" is small...

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    If you thought the 12" is small...
    My friend just bought a Sony Vaio ultra ultra compact computer. it only has a 10.6" screen! He is giving it a test run for 10 days. it has a built in webcam, speakers, ultra tiny though... he came over and hooked up to my network and I tried it out... to be honest I hated it. Not only is the screen way too small for me the trackpad is not good. it has a 40GB HDD and 512RAM I mean it is cool but I would never buy one. My friend tried out my iBook 12" and he was impressed but is not a Mac fan. I maybe able to make him switch! :bushman:

    has anyone else seen these "mini" Vaios? For the money he spend he could have gotten a 12" PB and some RAM!!! I don't get it, heheheheheh

    I thought the 12" was the smallest laptops got (well early 90's i think they had 9" screens!) so when I saw his I was like, "Wow that is a small screen!"

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    Desolate One
    I get their Sony Style catalog since I use the Clie PDA and spotted them in there. You're right on the bang for buck ration- Not too impressed for that price.

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    Dude, where have you been? Check out the Sony Vaio U750. PDA sized notebook with Windows XP built onto it. It's pretty cool but the 5 inch screen is a bit too small and it's tough to use without a keyboard though.

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    When I first heard that the iBook came in a 12" model, I was like 'how the heck can you see anything? So I visited my Apple UK store and it really wasn't at all! Then when I ordered and received mine, I thought it was actually pretty big. I thought Apple had sent me a 14" model by mistake!

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    that 5" thing is way too small and what use would it really have? a bit overpriced IMO. I mean his new Vaio is extreamly portable but i just thought it was a little tooooo small to work with. he is out and about a lot so that's how he justified it. he got it at OfficeMax or something. I tried to turn him onto Macs but he just said, "XP all the way, i'd NEVER use Mac, its so unuser friendly" whatever

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    Most people are biased towards mac, its whacked. Im open minded, thats why I ordered one even though Ive never had one...

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    Yeah, 10.6" is nothing. I've had one with a 5" high screen. maybe 8" wide. And it was a notebook PC, not one of those tablet thingies. It was a Vaio as well. Sony likes little things apparently. To give you an idea, it's about the size of a portable DVD player, and I've actually mistaken my portable DVD player for it before.
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    And there's also the OQO.

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    The Sony VAIO is amazing! Its so cool and so thin, looks thinner than a PowerBook to me. Definately the way to got with XP when it comes to portability.

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    but for all that money are you getting something comparable to a powerbook 15" in a tiny package? plus you got to worry about spyware, virus, trojans, blah blah...

    he really loves his VAIO and looks like its a keeper. He hates macs and keeps saying, "everything is written for Windooze" bah humbug!

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    I think this is pretty much is the most ridiculously small PC out there. It is kind of neat but completely worthless and overpriced. It was designed by some of the same guys that designed the Powerbooks.

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    I saw a vaio laptop in the store yesterday that was literally as thick as 2 bits of cardboard...

    Incredible...again - completely unusable but very cool

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    Aptmunich, was it the X505?

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