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    Unhappy iBook G4 is dying
    About a week after my one year warranty ended, the hard drive in my iBook died. After about 50 tries, the hard drive booted up, and I was able to use Carbon Copy Cloner to back everything up onto an external drive. So I've been booting off the external drive for over a month now, and everything seemed to be going ok. However, today my combo drive died. When I insert a CD, it thinks about doing something with it and then spits it back out. Also, the trackpad has never worked correctly, but I use a mouse, so I never really worried about it. Anyone know if this is a common problem with iBook G4s? I found a few cases online where people had the same thing happen to them, but I was wondering if this was a widespread problem.

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    I certainly hope not. I hate troublesome things.

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    My iBook will be one year old in a couple of months, I will let you know if it dies
    Thanks I bought the apple care plan (so they pick me one of the 3-year lifespan ibooks instead of the regular 1-year) just kidding

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