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    MacBook hard drive replacement HELP
    I got a MacBook when it first came out and the hard drive just failed on me. I went to Fry's and got a 160GB drive and ran into a problem when installing it.

    I mounted the new drive into the tray just like the old one was mounted and inserted it into the slot exactly the same way. However, when i was sliding the drive into place, one of the side rubber guide tracks came off and slid to the bottom of the slot with the drive.

    I finally got the rubber track out and was able to mount the drive just fine. I was wondering if this is going to cause any issues to the drive, since its lacking support from one side, and if there is any way to open the case and re-glue into position? The track was poorly glued to the wall of the slot cause there was next to nothing left on the wall or the rubber.

    This is my first time running into this problem so any help would be great!


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    Same problem here.

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    Well so far everything seems to be fine but it still makes me slightly nervous. Have you ran into any problems yet?

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