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    2006 Macbook Ram Uprade
    I have the Apple MacBook 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo from 2006. I'm planning to get a RAM upgrade. My friend says I should definitely get 2GB because 1GB isn't worth it.
    What exact model of RAM do I need? Should I use Newegg? Crucial? Ebay?

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    13" MacBook: 2GHz C2D, 2.5GB memory, 160GB HDD
    You'll need DDR2 667MHz.

    Newegg is definitely a trusted site. I've ordered a lot of stuff from them with no issues at all. Crucial seems to be a favorite among a lot of people but I haven't used them in quite some time. I'm running Corsair at the moment and it's working great. You can get some good deals on eBay, but I'd definitely go at it at your own risk.

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