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    Broken backlight/ possible fix
    After an unfortunate liquid spill, my Macbook pro 15" will no longer produce enough light to effectively view the screen. in certain conditions at certain tilts I can find the cursor and maybe open i-tunes, but valuable tasks such as word proccessing or surfing the web would be near impossible. Is there anyway I could use the DVI, VGA ports or any other connection so I can use my computer? Like seeing my actions on another monitor/keyboard combo. Keep in mind the harddrive and everything still work. I just cant see what im doing...

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    Well I"m pretty sure spills aren't exactly covered by warranty, might be an idea to drop by your local Apple authorized repair center, and see if they can give you a ballpark estimate on the repair to make it work like new, if that cost is even remotely close to the cost of a new MBP....replace it !
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    I paid 1600, because its a video problem and they cant replace a single component(all video related parts to assure the repair) they gave me 1500 for a fix. So its totaled basically. I was getting at maybe i could buy a relativley cheap projector, hook it up to my MBP and just use the keyboard/mouse while using my projector as the monitor. What got my goat was the fact that even though i was under warranty, the Service center still charged me 45$ for a "diagnostic" I realize labor isn't free, but if I'm under warranty, shouldnt something as simple as a diagnostic be free? And when i dropped it off, there was no mention of a charge, they gave me the very obvious impression that a simple diagnostic would be free. I've never had a bad experience with Apple up until yesterday. I even called their Customer service line and after my story the kid on the other line basically said "umm lol? thx for calling"

    tl;dr= What ports can i use on my MBP to hook it up to a projector such as this
    Is USB sufficient? the only other port i could think of is the one with many little holes and the + pattern to the right.(the name escapes me but the symbol looks like |[ ]| )
    would it take a lot of tinkering on my almost broken screen or would it be plug and play?

    thanks again guys

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    LOL, sorry i didnt UTFSE, answered my own question....
    from Apples site:
    " Connect to an external display or projection device that uses a DVI connector, or use the included DVI to VGA adapter to connect to a VGA monitor.

    The video output port allows video mirroring, which allows you to see the same image on your MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo) display and on an external monitor or projector. It also allows extended desktop, in which the second display gives you additional desktop real estate. You can use your MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo) in lid closed mode if the computer is connected to an external display, keyboard, and mouse.

    You can attach televisions and video monitors using the optional DVI to Video adapter which provides S-video and composite video connections. "

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