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Thread: laptop config... help me pls

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    Aug 04, 2008
    laptop config... help me pls
    1. my budget is 1200 US $. i can't really exceed it.
    2. buying from u.s. is not a problem. since i live in india( asia)
    3. people are my home are not preferring dell.
    4. i need a notebook for entertainment (gaming..m not to addicted to it, movies etc.) + study stuff

    so here are the notebooks. select 1 VAIO® FZ Series Notebook PC
    ( it has an extraNVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M GT GPU with 1023MB Total Available Graphics Memory)


    .p.s. what's bugging me is i heard that sony gives u an international warranty. can this thing be confirmed?

    2. apple mac 13"

    student discount of 12% is available in india, so it will cost the same as priced. it doesnt have a graphics card and 13" is i dont know cool for movies +games

    3. dell xps M1530

    i talked to their agent( in u.s.) they say if i get a 3 year warranty, then the warranty is valid in india for workmanship defects and hardware problems.( it already has 2 yr. warranty with it)

    4. if any other one u have in mind except these around the same price, do let me know


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    i would look into the sony if you can. i have a blackbook and its not very good for gaming at all. i love my mac dont get me wrong its just that the integrated graphics on the standard macbook just isnt that great.

    I also have a asus F9 series notebook and its way better at gaming. gforce 9300m graphics for around the same price 1200.

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    Aug 04, 2008
    i never heard of asus actually. i will look into it. mac doesnt have a good graphics card, which means i will have to compromise looks over graphics if i go for mac?

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