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    Cleaning LCD Screen, how?
    Ok, I've read so much on this but everytime I attempt to clean my iBook's screen, i get streaks and well there are marks that refuse to come out. I'm afraid the more I try to clean the screen the more damage I am doing to it. So, what is the best way to clean the iBook's screen, what do you use? thanks!

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    Desolate One
    I haven't tried it yet but my local Apple store sells disposable screen cleaning wipes. May just pop in to see wot they're made of and then pick up a cheaper alternative.

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    i guess it bothers me there are streaks and stuff after i clean the screen, i mean its not like i can see them when the display is on... and the more i try to clean the LCD the more I feel like I'm ruining it. Someone told me to try and not to clean the screen often as it will ruin it within time, any truth to this?

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    I have a regular LCD monitor and I use a soaked-and-squeezed bounty to wet the screen, I get off the ugly spit marks or whatever is on it, lol. And then I use a try bounty right after that to get the wetness off. Remember, only use enough wetness to let the water stick to the screen, and not drip down.

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    I just bought some yesterday for my ibook, they are called "monitor wipes" by Dust-off, they look like a baby wipe container, 70 for 7 bucks, and they work. They were at best buy

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    just wipe your screen carefully with a damp, soft cloth and you should be fine...
    Works for me at least...

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    Make sure never to use Paper Towels, they'll scratch it.

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    hey i bought some overpriced monster iClean and wow, the stuff WORKS! crystal clear! can i use this stuff on the outside of the iBook?

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    a slightly damp piece of newspaper works for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by vuschejan
    Make sure never to use Paper Towels, they'll scratch it.
    I use a damp and squeezed Bounty paper towel on my LCD, works like a dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasha
    I use a damp and squeezed Bounty paper towel on my LCD, works like a dream.
    I'm just quoting the Ibook handbook
    Check the manual!

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