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    getting my first-gen intel macbook pro fixed....
    hey there folks, got a question for you.

    little bit of background: i bought an intel macbook pro, 17", about two years ago for college (pretty sure that's still first-generation, but i could be wrong).

    anyway. over the past two years i have had a host of slight difficulties, as follows:

    irregular heat problems (excess of 130C on a nearly constant basis, 150+ when running anything graphics intensice, which caused some warping in the casing. fixed by installing smcFanControl and bumping the fans up to 3k rpm whenever the thing is running, full 6k when i'm doing anything graphics intensive. unfortunately, i think this has led to.....)

    Fan problems (about a year after getting my MBP, the fans started to do that "clunketyclunketyclunk" thing that first-gen is known to do. about a year after installing smcFanControl, my right fan made a really crunchy, nasty sound one day and stopped running altogether. luckily, i reset my PSU and that seemed to fix it [although the clunky sounds are still present])

    from what i've read around the internet, heat/warping/fan issues are pretty common for the firstgen MBP, and since i managed to self-medicate with fanControl, i haven't felt it necessary to get them fixed. However, a couple of weeks ago, i had to reset my PSU twice in the same week because the **** thing wouldn't boot up (literally on a monday and a wednesday, it did this). now, normally, one wouldn't be a problem, it's good to reset every once in a while anyway. but twice in a week? turns out my PSU was failing (or at least that's what the applecare guy thought when i chatted with him). lo and behold, that saturday, my MBP shut down, and refused to turn on, even after a PSU reset, a PRAM reset, every kind of reset in the book. All i get at power on is a spinning hard drive for about five seconds, then nothing.

    Anyway, i'm not asking for diagnosis really. what i was wondering is, how likely is it that the genius bar is going to call it a lemon and pass me a new MBP? BTW, i do have the 3-year applecare protection plan, so this is on them, i've never opened the thing to void any warranty.

    so? what do you think?

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    I think (just my opinion here) that they would be more likely to replace your MBP if you had taken it in to them to be repaired whenever the other problems occurred. They (and you) would then have a record of repairs or calls to refer to. Right now, as far as Applecare is concerned this is the first time you've had a problem.

    Anyway, squeaky wheels get oiled. When you take it in make a point of telling them about all the problems over the past two years. Explain to them that you couldn't really afford to be without your MBP since you needed it for school work at college, and that's why you didn't bring it in.

    I hope you get a replacement.


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