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    Unhappy old ibook g4 can't hold screen anymore
    about a year ago i heard a crack sound and the screen was slightly limp. then a few weeks ago i heard the same cracking sound and the right side of the hinge was loose. now today the other hinge made that awful sound and the screen can't hold by itself at all. are there any diy fixes? or can i take it to a best buy or to get it fixed? how much would this run me?

    i can't afford a new macbook just yet so i'm trying to savor this one as long as possible.

    ibook g4 12"

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    ibook g4 hinges are cast aluminium and are part of the frame surrounding the lcd. I doubt best buy will have the part to repair it - you'll be best off finding in independent-but-mac-centric repair shop who is likely to have the part. It may be pricey because to replace it, you've got to take both the lcd half and the lower half apart. Look into buying a new top half, doing it yourself, or propping the screen up against a pile of books.

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