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    As We Speak
    Ok so as we speak I am sittin on my new Macbook -2.4Ghz which arrived net day shippin which im happy about...

    Turn it on and its visually appealing.. good choice i think as i am at uni for next 7 years and this shud atleast keep me goin for 4?

    Put in a DVD and bam.. the thing freezes and now its making the worst noise in the world.. Goin into system > Eject., holding down N or mouse on boot up .. nothing.. I mean, never had a problem with Windows etc with dvds being stuck.. not the best start!

    Just ordered a bag from the mac shop aswell plannin on takin my laptop to uni but now..!!!

    ANOTHER EXPENSE most likely to get the DVD removed which im thrilled about!! Shud i really have to pay its 30 seconds old! this a common thing? sorry to be so abrupt but !! imagine if it was u!

    Rant over.

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