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    Angry Cannot Partition Hard Disk...wth?
    OK So I want to install Windows XP on my MacBook. So I go to use Boot Camp Assistant and tell it to make a 32GB partition. It starts the process and then gets to about the half way mark and gives me an error.

    This is the error it says:
    The Disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved.
    Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a Single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again.

    I also posted this on the Apple Support Forums and no one has answered in the last 2 days. I have read where someone else had a similar problem and someone told them to basically wipe their drive and then they can partition it. I would do this but I thought you should be able to do it with you drive already used. I backed up some stuff on 8 DVD's, but I don't have an external hard drive, nor do I have the money to purchase one at this time. So I have my iTunes and iPhoto and a few other important things saved on the DVD's. I have used like 140GB and it says that I can do a 32GB partition when I'm in Boot Camp Assistant.

    Others mentioned defragging the disk. idk what to do about that or how it would help but...

    So any help would be much appreciated!!!

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    You can try repairing the permissions. applications>utilities>disk utility.

    If that doesn't work, which it probably wont, you can boot from the install disc and repair the HD. Insert the install disc>restart>hold down the C key on restart until the gray apple logo with the spinning gear appears>chose english as the language>On the next screen in the upper left hand corner on the tool bar>chose utilities> disc utility>select a disc>repair the disc.

    If that doesn't work, wipe it, reinstall and then windows should install.

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    Ya thats pretty much what I figured I needed to do, wipe it, because I already attempted to repair the disk as a solution. It did not work. So basically I have to wait until I cant purchase a big enough external hard drive so that I can back up everything and not just the few important things like my iTunes and pictures and stuff. Or I can just go the other route and download VMWare Fusion or Parallels.


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    I really couldnt be bothered wiping my harddrive just to partition it when I had that error, so I bought the Techtool Pro 4 DVD and booted my computer with it and ran the optimization on it and it defragged my hard drive and then afterwards I could straight away make the 32GB partition I wanted.

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    And that is the correct way to resolve the problem. There's also iDefrag which can be purchased here:


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