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    External LCD

    I connected my external display running at 1600x1050 to my MBP 15". I got the external display to mirror the laptop, but is there any way to just show everything on the external, and turn off the laptop's LCD when its connected?

    And also, to show at the native resolution of the external monitor?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Yes, I do it all the time while using my MacBook at home: Attach an external keyboard and mouse to your MBP. Set the display preference to mirror and choose the native resolution of your external monitor.

    Close the cover of your MBP and allow it to "sleep". Wait about 30 seconds and then tap a key on your external keyboard or click the mouse. (leave the cover closed on the MBP) Your external monitor should wake up in its native resolution with the internal monitor of the MBP remaining dark.

    Keeping the cover closed worries some folks that the machine will overheat but according to Apple it will not. In any event, install iStatPro or smcFancontrol to keep an eye on temperatures and fan speeds.


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    you need to have the computer plugged in when you do this...

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    I just turn the brightness all the way down the few times I do that. I just normally got dual monitors going

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