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Thread: Help with movies on my ibook

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    Talking Help with movies on my ibook
    Hey guys:
    I'm sort of new to the whole apple scene, and I have some questions and I hope one of you could be kind enough to answer them for me

    I have an ibook and I've been running into a few problems relating to movies. I bought the divx codec for mac but it requires an updated version of quicktime. I run Mac OS X 10.1 and for the life of me I cant find a quicktime version that supports it, none of the quicktime installers on the apple website work.. and when I tell quicktime to "update software" it says no updates are available. It says I have to upgrade my OS to install and I only have os x 10.1.. so where can I get a quicktime version that will support my OS? (osx 10.1)

    Also, when I go SVIDEO out to my TV and play a DVD.. it doesnt show on my TV or my ibook.. it's just a blank black screen.. when I unplug the SVIDEO cable it works just fine on the ibook.. whats up with that and how can I fix that?

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    yea, that divx codec is not only unneccessary, but requires a newer version of quicktime that is only compatible with panther, maybe jaguar, like 10.2.6 or so.
    Ill upload what you should use as a .zip file, drop them in your quicktime folder inside the library folder in your hd. and if youre trying to play .avi or .divx files, they wont play well in quicktime, it s***s as a format, avi, not qt. try mplayer for that stuff, or divx doctor and convert the .avi or .divx files into .mov which play perfectly in quicktime.
    as far as your using the tv as a monitor to watch dvds, I think in the settings somewhere you have to specify that youre using a second display or something,
    Im sure someone with more experience on using scond displays on an ibook will come along.
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    Well I think you would need to adjust the resolution of the 2nd screen (i.e. the TV)...

    Check out the display preference pane when you have it hooked up, select 'detect displays' and see what it comes up with...

    Then lower the resolution on the 2nd screen and see if anything happens...

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