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    G4 PowerBook Battery Recommendation Needed
    Battery on my G4 Power Book 15" 667 MHz is on its last legs. A search for replacement battery brings up a bewildering variety of sources and prices. Does anyone have some insight on a best buy and source? Thanks in advance.

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    In my opinion there's only 3 options

    Genuine apple batteries - about $80
    Aftermarket batt's - about $40
    OWC Extended batt's - $120

    I'm really trying to rationalize buying the third but i just can't pay that price with my budget right now. - they quote 16% longer run time by virtue of being 55.5 Watt-hour batteries (OEM is 46 W-H) but i can't justify the price.

    for a good genuine battery, look at eBay item number 140254067536.
    no this is NOT my eBay listing and i have NO idea who's it is and i just found it on a simple search-i'm mentioning it because it has a relatively low 'buy it now' price.

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