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    New iBook over my 15in PowerBook Ti?
    A few weeks ago I helped my friend pick out a new iBook and stuff for school. Well, yesterday she switches majors, and no longer needs the laptop, so she offered to sell it to me. It's only been used twice, so she wants basically what she payed for it.
    It's the 12in model, 256mb RAM that came with it, she ordered another 256 from Crucial, 60gb HD, and that was it for the extras.

    So I'm thinking of selling my 15in Ti PowerBook to my uncle if he is still interested in buying it. It's the 1ghz model, with 512mb SDRAM, 60gb Drive, Combo Drive, etc. So the iBook is faster, and the only thing I will be losing is the widescreen..

    I'm just wondering if you guys think it would be worth it? I'm thinking that if I do get it, I'll hang onto it until this summer, sell it to my buddy who interested, and then get the new PowerBook with Tiger. So basically, win win for me either way. Just not sure its worth the hassle. What do you guys think?

    Oh, she basically wants $1300 for it, and she is selling me her brand new Canon A75 with 128mb card, $1500 and both are mine.

    Also, one more thing I forgot, a few months ago after the new iBooks came out, I actually ordered one, but cancled the order, but a few things didn't cancel, like the AppleCare for the iBook, which is basically the same as this one. So, would that warranty be transferable to this iBook? Basically I have a warranty for a laptop I don't even own atm.. go me... :closed:

    Thanks for the help.

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    HMMMM, can't you keep the PB and just buy the iBook from her?? haha. To be honest if I had a PB 15" I think i'd be pretty happy. My friend has one and I really like it. Its the G4 one with 1.3Ghz (the newest version) and the graphics on that thing are amazing. Its not very portable if you ask me but hey, its still a very cool laptop.

    I don't know tough call. Its really up to you on how you feel about getting rid of your PB for a 12" iBook. I guess I'm saying if I had a 15" PB I'd keep it until I could save up for an iBook or a new G5 Powerbook! I mean if you are already use to the 15" then it might be weird going down to 12". Would the iBook be your MAIN computer?

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    Is it a matter of helping your friend, or a new ibook for yourself? Im sure she can sell it outright, no problem. Let her do that, and than wait and buy the Tiger version in the summer, your talking likr 6-8 months.

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    >It's only been used twice, so she wants basically what she payed for it.<

    that is no reasone to pay top for it, its worth what its worth as a second hand laptop, it aint worth full price second hand.

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    Yea. She put it up on eBay, I don't want it that bad, I was just wondering. I doubt she'll get what she is asking either... I am not sure I ever want to sell this laptop, it's the Ti model, a classic

    Anyway, thanks for the insight.

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    When it is time to replace my Ti book, I will be keeping it also. It is good to have a backup.
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    For sure. I'm actually thinking of going a completely different route now anyway. Keeping my PB, upgrading to 1gb of RAM, and instead of a new PB this summer, I am thinking of getten a dual G5, which will be better anyway for the heavy duty editing anyway. Then I can use my PB for when I am ont he road, or light editing and what not. Will cost me less then a brand new maxed out PB as well, so I will actually save money.

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