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    Cool Just bought iBook, now what?
    Well, I was finally forced to purchase an iBook after my PC crashed the other day. It has been a long time coming and I was longing for a portable computer to complement the G5 I use for my home business.

    Anyway, I bought the older 14" 1ghz iBook and now I am kinda stuck on how much I need to upgrade it. I'm going to ditch the other 128mb of ram and replace it but I'm not sure if I should add 512mb or 1gig. I'm mainly going to be using this for internet, doing office work, emails, papers, itunes, iphoto, etc. But I may also load Final Cut on there and do some light editing.

    Will 640mb of ram be enough for what I want to do? I'm not going to be doing any intense editing because that is what I have the G5 for, but maybe some casual stuff on the road or something. Will I really need 1.12gigs of ram?

    Also, I'm thinking about getting the iCurve and an apple keyboard & mouse to set up the computer desktop style and raise the lcd to close to the level of this 15" monitor that I will be hooking up to span the desktop. Does anyone use the iCurve and/or external keyboard/mouse? Does it work fine or do you run into any problems?

    Thanks alot, I can't wait for it to get here.

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    i really don't think you'll need 1.12 gig just make sure you have at least 512 ram in my opinion that is the minimum spec of ram anyone should have but i'd go for
    640 if i were you.

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    yup, that should be enough, at least 512, are you talking about the wireless kb and mouse?

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    No, just the wired kb & mouse. I bought the computer from the online apple store as a refurb so I don't think adding bluetooth was an option.

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    well you can buy a d-link bluetooth dongle to plug into the iBook and then use the bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you want
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    personally I would opt for the gig of RAM.

    I do video and graphic work on Macs (Mainly on my school's Power Mac G4s but a little on my iBook which is also the 14" 1ghz) Let me tell you, if you are going to edit video, you will want the extra mem.

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    I just ordered 512MB of RAM from Crucial for around 58 and it should really soon. Can't wait! I was originally going to get only 256MB because when you use Memory Finder, it says that 512MB is 80-something! Thank God someone found out about the normal 512MB 200-pin SODIMM's cheaper price!

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    No problem

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    Well I have 768 MB RAM total and I am getting the wireless apple keyboard for christmas, IMO the iCurve is an excellent option to make your iBook a full desktop replacement and 768 seems like a good price/performance compromise...

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