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    MBP Display Issues when using Multi-Touch/Safari
    I want to share an issue with my MBP display that has really been bugging me the last few days. When using Safari, along with multi-touch pad to scroll (up or down), two things frequently happen:

    1. Appearance of blue blocks, I uploaded a video onto YouTube.

    2. And images/text will get staggered and overlap each other, rendering the webpage unreadable. I will often find myself needing to scroll up/down to try to "refresh" the page, but sometimes that just makes the problem even worse and eventually need to refresh the page just to read it. I took various screen shots and attached them.

    I'm a new switcher, and am wondering if these are problems that are well documented and that I need to deal with??

    Thanks in advance!


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    Jul 26, 2008
    having a little server issues attaching the images...will try to update as soon as things are working...

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