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    PC2700 vs PC2100

    I have a fairly new Dell Latitude notebook that I don't use anymore. When I bought the Latitude, I max'ed the memory out on it. Now when I bought my pb, I didn't max it becuase it would have been too much money.

    The only difference between the memory in the Latitude and the pb is the speed of it. The pb uses PC-2700, and the Latitude uses PC-2100. To my understanding, the pb would crank the speed down if I did decide to use the Latitude memory.

    So now I have to decide, should I stick with the 1 gig PC-2700 chip in the pb, or should I put a PC-2100 1 gig chip in the pb to make it 2 gig total (1gig pc2100 and 1 gig pc2700 in the pb). Would it benefit from the extra memory, even though it's not as fast?


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    i would stick with the powerbook ram. you can get it pretty cheap from

    other than that, im not sure whether pc2100 ram would work. good luck

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    PC2100 memory is for a 133MHz FSB (266 for DDR)
    PC2700 memory is for 167MHz FSB (333 for DDR)

    As the PowerBook has a 167MHz FSB, it won't work with PC2100 modules.

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    yes it will. they are the same 200 pin form factor.

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