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    ibook g3 366 40gb 320mb ram osx 10.2.6 - worth?
    hey guys. i recently aquired an ibook from a pawn shop in town. figured id mess around with it and what not. however, now im ready to sell it and get something better. the specs include..

    blue ibook clamshell 366mhz
    320mb ram
    40gb hd
    osx 10.2.6 and os 9.2 installed (no cds with sale.)
    Airport included
    10/100 onboard
    56k modem onboard
    one usb port
    audio/headphone port
    battery (holds about 3.5 - 4 hrs on full charge)
    yo-yo power adapter w/ cord

    any ideas on what this might sell for? im kinda clueless as im really <edit> not </edit> a hardcore mac guy.

    any input is appreciated.


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    I would guess:
    The 40gb HD in a clamshell would bring around 100$
    Airport + OSX and classic 100$
    everything else perhaps 100$
    366 mhz.. maybe -50$ or so.

    Ive seen clamshells sold on eBay for more and less. In recent times.

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    I'm certainly interested. Email me at

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