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    Battery and Internet
    Hey guys, I've been having some problems with my MacBook lately and i just can't figure it out. The folks at Apple have been hearing a lot from me and we still can't figure it out. Firstly, my internet takes a long time to load. I'll click the safari logo and my search page won't load for another 2-3 minutes on our wireless modem. It is also very slow for no apparent reason. I've already done the switching of Airport and Ethernet on the System Preferences> Network panel. Any suggestions?

    Also, my battery dies very quickly i find. Its the standard five hour battery and it's always on "Better Energy Savings." I'll close my MacBook and put it to sleep, than wake it up a few hours later and its almost like the battery has been draining the whole time. When i unplug my MacBook from being charged the battery life says it only has around 2 hours of life.

    It's probably something simple I'm not doing, but any help would be greatly appreciated
    - c a r l i f a c e.*

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    These are probable simple questions you might have done/ been asked:

    What are the specs of your mac? Os version, cpu speed, ram, etc.

    What kind of modem do you have? Is it cable or dsl?

    Have you done a power cycle on your modem? Unplug it for about a minute, then plug it back in?

    Have you called your ISP, or made sure your modem has the latest firmware?

    If you have done all this, and everything on the modem and ISP side is up to snuff, your macbook probably needs to be looked at. I assume you are with in warranty, so call apple and have them send a box.

    Before you send it to them, make sure everything with your modem and ISP is working right. Then erase and install the os, and make sure it still isn't working. This way, Apple has no excuse to delay the repair of your computer. Not that I'm talking down about apple, but this could drag on forever if you don't follow certain steps. Apple wants to be assured it's their problem and you want to be too.

    As far as the battery goes, mine only ever lasted for about 2-3hrs. I got 6 hours out of it once. The first time I took it out of the box and used it. The icon does lie though. It will tell you that you only have two hours but last for three. I can run in the red forever.

    Either way, focus on your internet for now, then worry about your battery. Sorry to hear your having so many problems. Hope they get fixed quick.

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