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    replacing hard drive with ssd hard drive
    has anyone attempted replacing their hard drive with an ssd, flash drive. i know its a bit pricey but after having to replace the hard drive im interested in something more stable.

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    They just seem too pricey for being so small - maybe if you could get a good hybrid, but then you're still dealing with a partly mechanical device.

    You know, for a very reasonable price of about $130, you can get a great Western Digital 320GB Scorpio drive...and you can change them in 15 minutes, too. That's the major disadvantage of the SSD - expensive and small and no guarantee it would last any longer than the WD...

    If you can find a great buy that will work in a Macbook, please let me know. It is the wave of the future...


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    I got a a dirt cheap OCZ 30GB SSD drive for my 1st generation MacBook and absolutely love it! Wish I'd bought one months ago. Especially big BLOATED apps like Office 2008, Photoshop, et al - they launch in 5 seconds or less. Best $90 I've spent on my computer in ages.

    Eventually I'm going to move that 30gb over to my aging G5 iMac with a 3.5" SATA adapter case and plop a bigger SSD into my MacBook.

    I agree a WD Scorpio 320GB is a great conventional laptop drive choice. I replaced the stock 60gb drive in a client's MacBook with a Scorpio and it drastically improved her startup and app launch times. It's a FAST drive and can often be had for less than $85.

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    SSD maybe the wave of the future but it's still in the early parts of development. People have been speculating this and that and when SSD is going to become mainstream. I don't see this happening for for a long time.

    Regular HDD is a lot cheaper per MB, and the technology is only going to get better.

    Yeah SSD maybe faster and what not but do you really need faster? I for one need storage space and I don't care all that much about my computer booting up in 10 seconds and applications launching in 5 seconds.

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