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    Question Brand New Macbook pro not showing full charge.
    Hello all, i have just purchased a macbook pro 15 inch yesterday. I charged it up and then ran the battery out fully. I then let it charge fully while powered off for several hours.
    When i went to use my laptop today i turned it on and the battery shows 98% full yet when i put the charger in it has he green light and when i click the battery indicator it shows as charged.

    Is this something that i should be worried about?

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    No. What you're seeing is normal.


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    Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz core 2 duo, 200GB HD,Nvidia 256 DDR3 graphics, 6GB RAM
    thanks for the reply.
    I was talking with one of my friends who had much more experience with mac then me( only had one for about 3 days now) that if you take the charger out of the computer when its above 95 or so percent that it wil not show a full charge once you put the charger back on.

    Thats what happened so today when i came home to see if the recharge was good it was happily at 100%!!


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    It may have been that when your light was green, it was calculating and finishing the charge. My girlfriends MB did that a couple of days ago, but once she waits till after it says its fully charged, she unplugs it and its 100%.

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