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    Question question about ibook clamshell
    Ok...I'm about to upgrade my ibook that I got from a friend with a new HD and 512 memory. When I first got it and powered it up i got the mac face with a ? folder which told me the HD was screwed pretty much. So i decided to go a head and get a memory upgrade with my new HD. Now for the question before I took it apart and got it ready for the new parts I got it to start up off a software install disk that came with my Imac DV model I used to have, again figured the HD is boned because when I clicked install OS 9 it couldn't find a destination disk. I thought I might of been the fact that I boot from a disk that was for an Imac DV so I borrowed my friends OS 9.2 disk and couldn't get the Ibook to boot up from that CD. Am I going to hit major problems after I get my new parts in and try to install off the DV disk? Also any reason why it wouldn't boot from a mac OS 9.2 disk with no major scratches in it?

    thanks for any answers/advice that would make my upgrade go more smoothly.

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    it depends on if the disc is retail or a disc designed for a particular machine. if it is the retail version you should be able to get it to work if it was a disc designed for another type of machine then you will need to get the retail version or the disc designed for your machine.

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