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    Last week I told myself enough was enough with my noisy Blackbook. The screen hinges made noise every time the monitor shook or was opened/closed. I also noticed 2 burnt out pixels on the right side of my screen.

    I called Apple last Tuesday with my complaint, had a box shipped to me Wednesday and shipped it back Thursday morning. By Friday they had my black book and were working on it. My ticket first called for me to contact Apple as they were unable to find any problems. After politely explaining my concern they promptly replaced my screen. Monday morning by 10:00am I had my baby back.

    The screen was changed out and my noise issue was resolved. As a first time Mac owner I must say I am very pleased. I have converted many friends and family members and am happier for doing so. For any of you with similar issues I do recommend you contact support.

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    nwa122, Nice to hear! Noel

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