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Thread: Holy..So LOST

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    Jul 15, 2008
    Holy..So LOST
    Hey Everyone... I just recieved an old g3 ibook for free and I basically want to dump my ipod on to the HD. I have tried ipod copy (its free and Im cheap) and it wouldnt open. Is there a better free software that works? or sometihng thats relatively cheap ( under$30). I have no idea of OS system or whats on the computer ( have never used a mac b4).

    I also want to be able to back up my dvd collection. I have already figured out that it only has a cd player ( no Super drive I think its called), but can I add an external burner and what software will I need to accomplish this? On a previous PC I used dvd shrink and nero to backup ( it crashed and we'll Im cheap)

    Thanks for any help in advace. Again I am computer retarded, so please use small words

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    Have you tried with iTunes ?

    Or maybe this application might help you:
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    Click on the Apple in the top left corner and on About This Mac. What version of OSX does it say?

    Senuti is the best application I have used for what you want to do and it's free.

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    thanks ya'll I am at work, so I will check when I get home and repost later. I'll try both of those and see what I get. I have had the same music and pics on the ipod for 2 years and its really outdated so I hope this works.

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    Definitely go with Senuti - if you have 10.3 scroll down the page to d/l the appropriate OS version.

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    Lightbulb New Problem!!
    Hey That worked... kind of. Now I have a different problem, I have no more drive space. I installed a 256mb RAM and its not recognizing it. I'll figure that one out later but can I swap hard drives and not lose my data? I have seen 120 or a 160 GB HD for pretty cheap. Would it just be better to get something external and dump the whole computer onto that? Any Brand Recommendations?

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