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    Macbook pro and static?
    Hi guys well, im interested in getting a MBP soon, and i hear you get alot of static from them considering they are alluminium.. im just wondering is this entirely true?


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    Sometimes I get a lot of static from my wife! Oh, we're talking about MacBook Pros...

    There have been several folks who posted about getting shocked when touching the metal case of their MBP, but in my opinion it was more than likely caused by using an improperly grounded AC outlet.

    I suppose if you live in the high desert area of California where the humidities are very low, there's always the possibility of getting a static discharge from the case if you walk across the room and touch it. But the same thing can happen if you touch any metal object.

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    what if you rub the MBP across the carpeted floor... that would charge it up ...would be cool if you could charge the battery like that..
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    Lols @ you guys. Uhm, Static is a little annoying. I wont mind it now and again because thats expected im just unsure about it being a constant thing.

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    I have never gotten a static shock from my MBP.
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    slight shock, not static
    i have a recently purchased mbp, and consistently get slight shocks from the edge when the laptop is plugged into a power source and my lower arms are moist (e.g. from hot summer weather). i've seen some replies to postings like this one which mention static, but in my case that's not it: if it were static, then one discharge would do the trick. this is constant sharp tickling. i've measured 100v steady charge between keyboard cover and ground, and suspect that my laptop has an insufficiently insulated connection somewhere inside, relatively harmless since it doesn't affect the functioning of the laptop, at least not yet. i'll take it in to be tested at the next opportunity, but would be interested to hear if someone has a more useful comment than static or an ungrounded wall connection.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    are you using the fully grounded plug (assuming you're in NA). If not try that, if so is the outlet grounded properly?
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    I've never been shocked or even felt a tingling or static. I use my MBP every day for about 4 months now.

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