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    May 15, 2008
    side lid
    my macbook on the lid both sides has some type of impression like purple-ish... cant really describe it i will like to know what it is

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    A wine spill?

    Now, how are we supposed to know what caused the sides of the lid of your MacBook to turn purple?


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    Well that's certainly not normal. Anything you could have done to your Macbook? Perhaps you handled it on the sides with something on your hands to discolor it? Do you carry it around in a case, and if so, have you checked inside the case to see if that's the cause?

    How old is your Macbook and how long has it has this coloring? Is it a black Macbook or white (with purple)?

    Take it by your local Apple store - maybe they'll know...

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    it's a sign. the next macbooks will come in other colors...


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