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    Problems with shutting down and clock
    Well in the continuing troubles with my first mac (what an impression, a PB none-the-less) When I totally drain the battery power (as reccomended by a Genius to help w/ another problem) when I hit the power button after plugging it in, it does a cold restart. My brother's G3 acts as if it wakes from sleep mode when his does this. Also, when it's turned on and restarts after draining the battery, it resets the clock to a random date in 1969 (had this problem before) A Genius reset the power management unit but that didn't help. The computer is still under warranty, anyone have any suggestions?

    My computer has already been shipped to Apple for this problem, had the logic board replaced, backup battery, and something else. Since my problem continued, I took it to a Genius at a retail store, now I still have this problem. This has caused me to be without my computer for about 2 weeks total and many 4hr round trip ventures to try and get this fixed still with no avail. I'm about to just keep taking it back and try and get it traded for a new one cause I basically can't sell it for beans w/ it's history...

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    For what it's worth, I put the computer to sleep, removed the battery and put it back in a few seconds later, but nothing changed and it stayed in sleep mode.

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    I just experienced the same problem today for the first time. I had it run completely dead for the first time since getting it 3 months ago... It ran to dead while I had it sleeping. I plugged it in and charged it up to full overnight. This morning I turned it on and it said that the date was set to 1969 and that i would need to reset it... So i did... what is this all about?


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    I don't know, hopefully I'll have something figured out since I had to ship it in for service for the 2nd time. (it's been looked at now 4 times) and I've only had it 4months. They suspect the parts they originally replaced were faulty. Needless to say I'm hacked.

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    that happens to mine as well....ever time the same thing happens do be worried...i have just gotten use to it...just go into the date prefs and click on the check mark under network time...i dont know why it does this...but it happens whenever it doesnt shut down properly...cause whats happening is the computer goes to sleep when the battery dies and when you let it run down completly it doesnt get to shut down properly and it kicks the clock out..

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    yup its wierd.

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    have you tried zapping the pram and repairing permissions? try downloading preferential treatment and check for corrupt user/system preferences.

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