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Thread: TI PB 15" grey screen

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    TI PB 15" grey screen
    I just experierenced something with a Titanium 15" PB that can only be addressed as a grey screen - like bluescreen for windows. It says (in 4 languages) that I need to restart my computer by pressing the powerbutton for several seconds.
    I tried that and restarted the PB but after a few minutes - while I was installing updates for Mac OS X 10.3 the same happened again.

    Can anyone tell me what that is and what I can do about it???
    Is it the PMU or the VRAM or is the RAM broken or what's wrong???
    I have 512MB of RAM with 256 stock and the other 256Megs from Gravis (German Apple ditributor) bu that extra RAM is in the PB for ages now.

    Between, no warranty on that PB any more.

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    i love macs
    i had the same thing happen to me about a week ago. took about 10 tries of restarting b4 i got past the stage when that message would turn up. did a repair disk and everything has been running fine since

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